In 1999, thirty breeders Retz (area south of Brittany) came together for the production and marketing of their game.

Breeders game for most of us since the 80s and aware of developments in our profession (regulations, health standards, market need ...), we specialize in breeding pheasants, red partridge and gray partridge.

All within a 20 km radius around Machecoul, we have established our headquarters.

With our various farms and hatcheryes exclusively in our game, our job today is the production of hatching eggs, chicks one day, started the game and adults, marketed to professional breeders

SCEA L'Envol de Retz - 1, les Petits Chardonnerets 44270 Machecoul
Tél : 02 40 26 28 45 - Fax 02 40 26 28 44

Production and marketing of game species for professionals: eggs - chicks - game started - adult game - pheasant - partridge

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