Envol de Retz Présentation

Forty professional breeders, whose knowledge and experience are shared and serving customers.
Rational farms where the technical and health monitoring is the strength of our organization

  66 000 pairs of partridges
    8 500 pairs of gray partridges
100 000 breeding hen pheasants





Large areas of farms and aviaries to produce game started and adult able to meet your requirements

300 000 pheasants
280 000 partridge
180 ha of aviaries





Dedicated solely to the production of partridges and pheasants

Checked and approved by the veterinary services, our two hatcheries allow us to have greater flexibility and better management of shipments of chicks.

470 000 chicks/week


Adhérents du Syndicat Professionnel
des Accouveurs et à la charte qualité SNA




We have our own shipping company with a fleet of fast vehicles and equipped according to the latest recommendations of the veterinary services.

Temperature control
Humidification control
Control of ventilation

Over 20 vehicles equipped to transport chicks and adaptable to supplies of game started or adults safely crossing France and Europe.

SCEA L'Envol de Retz - 1, les Petits Chardonnerets 44270 Machecoul
Tél : 02 40 26 28 45 - Fax 02 40 26 28 44

Production and marketing of game species for professionals: eggs - chicks - game started - adult game - pheasant - partridge

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